For Sunny

                                                     Aug 31st 2009
                                          Ignored is every living sole but one;
                                               bound forever, man and Sun.
                                            Her universe, her keeper, friend,
                                            her man that all in all transcends.  
                                                  Absent from her very core
                                                 is any thought to settle score,
                                                          for tempers short
                                                            or loud retort,
                                           Instead, her canine heart pours out
                                          translucent, pure, a fountain spout,
                                           and Living Word hangs in the air
                                        from eons past, unmovable, just there;
                                               each syllable a living breath
                                        that points one bone: defend till death
                                           ”Greater love has no one then this:
                                    That he lay down his life for his friend.” (John 15:13)
                                                            Doris M. Matthews



One Response to “Sunny”

  1. myanimalsrock says:

    Dearest Jim,
    What you and Sunny had can not be measured; nor what you do for others. You and Sunny, always in our hearts.