My Beloved Rambo passed away in his sleep on December 28, 2009. He was one of the most special dogs that I ever loved. His life was a combination of tragic and happy as he lived 8  years of his life  in a shelter alone with no home to call his own. But  close to his 9th birthday , I discovered Rambo and took him home to live with us. Unfortunately, he was not welcomed by my male and I spent 8 months looking for the perfect home for him.  Although it was the hardest thing for me, it was the best thing for him as the most selfless, generous family made him a part of their family. He lived with them for 2 glorious years in which he romped and played with his canine sister 10 years his junior. He was able to experience a new home in Pennsylvania with fall leaves and cold weather and snow……..which he loved and came alive in. Most of all he experienced the  miracle of  love and the doting of the family that considered him an unmatched treasure.

I have copied the letter I received from Rambo’s adoptive parents reflecting on their life with Rambo. And I have also reproduced the letter that I wrote to them which I hope does justice to my feelings for them and of course my beloved Rambo.

Dear Kathy,

I have been struggling with writing this to you.  It is with great sadness that I write to tell you of Rambo’s passing.  He passed away on December 28, simply falling asleep and not waking up.  There were no signs of any distress, in fact he had had a really good day the day before.  It must have just been his time. 

I can’t tell you how much joy he brought to our lives.  As Vince put it just today, he is in the running for the greatest dog ever.  I know that neither Vince nor I have ever had a connection with a dog like we had with him.   We are so thrilled that we could provide him so much love in the last part of his life.  He will never know, however, that he gave us so much more than we ever gave to him.

Thank you again for bringing Rambo into our lives, Kathy, and thank you on behalf of all the animals and people whose lives you change with your incredible work.  God bless you. 


Kim and Vince

Dear Kim and Vince,
I feel such incredible grief at this news. My heart never let go of him, even when you moved and I knew I would never see him again. I knew the time would come, but I am having a difficult time. It is not just that it is Rambo, but what Rambo represented, the life of a shelter dog, one that lived for 9 years  in a place that he didn’t deserve . In my life, there have been only several people outside of my family, that have touched my heart with their generosity and you are two of them. For you to have stepped up to adopt a big senior dog and transform his life into a paradise, was  an act of selflessness and kindness that will keep you in my heart with Rambo for the rest of my life. He was so special to me and I know you know how I feel as you felt that special connection that was unique to Rambo. He was a one in a million dog.


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